Cash for your Jewelry

Have any old broken gold jewelry? Gold and Diamond Buyers is the

right place to come .It takes only minutes , you come in and we evaluate your jewelry

we give you an offer and you get your cash. We give you cash for Silver, Gold and diamonds

we give the best prices for your jewelry no doubt we are located at 255 3rd Ave Chula Vista,

CA 91910 between E & F Street at Davidson Street in Downtown Chula Vista. We also buy brand

name watches for the best price. We are very interested on any jewelry you can bring us. We are pleased

to help and get some extra cash in your pockets for your jewelry . We also welcome people who come with

antiques and persian rugs. Give us a call if you have any question or concerns at (619)777-6265



Cash 4 Gold Chula Vista, CA 91911,91910

We pay cash for gold.

We pay cash for any of your gold items it doesnt matter if its a broken piece of gold

we still buy it, any gold item is very valuable to us. The value of your gold may be worth more than you

think. We give the best prices for your gold items because we like our customers to keep coming back to

us. We also buy gold jewelry for example rings, necklaces, bracelets any kind of jewelry you can think of we

buy. We love to have new customers in our store because we just love seeing them come back to us and our best

offers. We are located in Downtown Chula Vista between E & F Street at Davidson Street. Walk ins are welcomed but

if you would love to make an appointment with us we would love that as well.

Cash for Gold Necklaces

Cash for Gold Necklaces National City, CA

We pay cash for gold chains and necklaces.

We offer a high payout for your gold necklaces and gold chains. If you have any gold necklaces or gold chains

you dont want or no longer use we are the right place to come to, we buy necklaces and chains and give you fast

cash. The first step for having money in your hands is to come to our store in the Downtown Chula Vista are. Second

step is you let us evaluate your chain or necklace.Third step is we give you an offer for your jewelry if you love our

offer and we know you will you will have the money in your hands its that easy it takes less than 5 minutes  who doesn’t

love fast cash. We take appointments and walk in are always welcomed. We open Monday to Sunday from 10:00 AM to 6:00

pm. Hope to see you soon!!

Hablamos espanol!


Cash for Watches in Chula Vista, CA 91910

We buy Brand name watches from Rolex, Cartier, Bulova and, Micheal Kors Men and Women.

We give you the best offer we can for your watches. Its easy and hassle free we just evaluate your watch

and give you an offer and after that we give you your money on the spot. At Gold and Diamond Buyers we like

to give you an offer that’s convenient for you and also for us. We always try to give the fairest price to our customers

because we care about our customers. It makes us happy having people come in and be satisfied with their offer.

We are located in Downtown Chula Vista  Between E & F Street at Davidson Street we’d love for you to come check

out our place and bring your watches so we can take a look at them. Hope to see you soon!!!!!!!!!


Cash for Coins in Chula Vista

Come in and will buy your coins! 

Have any collectible coins you would like to sell , we buy coins!! Coins are a piece of history you

have no idea who your coins have been touched by so its a very exciting piece of history, we buy

coins from peace dollars , to half dollars , certified to uncertified coins, Gold and silver coins as well.

We also sell coins in our Downtown Chula Vista location. If you want to add to your collection of coins

this is the right place to come! Walk ins are welcomed we would love to evaluate your coins as well and give

you an offer for them. We are open from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM Walk ins are welcomed if you would like to make

an appointment we are open for that as well hope to see you soon!!! We also speak Spanish.